Dossier n° 4 : La Guerre et le Droit


  1. The Right of Self-Defence under International Law - The Response to the Terrorist Attacks of 11 September,  Angus Martyn, Law and Bills Digest Group, Parliament of Australia (12 February 2002).


  2. L'illégalité de la guerre contre le peuple afghan, par Gail Davidson, juriste, 11/11/2001


  3. Amnesty International, Afghanistan - only a human rights solution will last


  4. Sur le site Web de la revue Actualité et Droit International


  5. Human Rights Watch

    •   Legal Issues Arising from the War in Afghanistan and Related Anti-Terrorism Efforts With answers to 20 questions:
      (1) Is the U.S. military response to the September 11 attacks lawful? (2) What is international humanitarian law? (3) What are some of the main differences between international humanitarian law and international standards on law enforcement? (4) What international humanitarian law governs a war against non-state actors? (5) Where there's a choice between pursuing criminal suspects through law enforcement or military action, what should the United States or its coalition partners do? (6) Is it lawful to assassinate persons suspected of terrorist acts? (7) President Bush said that Osama bin Laden is "wanted, dead or alive." Can the United States put a bounty out for the killing of bin Laden or other suspects? (8) Can those captured in a war be prosecuted for crimes? What is the effect if they are found to be prisoners of war? (9) For what crimes could those who participated in the September 11 attacks be prosecuted? (10) Where can suspects be prosecuted? (11) Exactly what provisions of international humanitarian law apply to the conflict in Afghanistan? (12) What are the restrictions that international law places on targets of attack? (13) But isn't it lawful to attack targets that will demoralize the civilian population or weaken its support for the war effort? (14) What about the specific targets of the airstrikes in Afghanistan? (15) What are the legal constraints on methods of attack? (16) What about the use of civilians as "shields" for military targets? (17) What about the prospect that thousands of Afghans who are fleeing their homes will starve or freeze this winter? Is that a violation of humanitarian law? (18) What types of weapons, or means of attack, are violations of international humanitarian law? (19) If the Taliban or its allies violate international humanitarian law, does that absolve the United States and its allies from the duty to comply with this law? (20) What responsibility does the United States bear if its allies violate these rules of warfare?

    • Information on the use of cluster bombs in Afghanistan


  6. Le Soir (Belgique) : Les Etats-Unis sont-ils en situation de légitime défense ?



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