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  • The Colombia Mobilization is a national coalition of organizations and individuals working to transform U.S. policy toward Colombia and the Andean region. 
  • Colombia Support Network is a grassroots organization created to give solidarity to the Colombian people. CSN works for a negotiated solution to the Colombian conflict and peace with justice in Colombia, through strengthening civilian society. 
  • The Center for International Policy offers a comprehensive source of information and analysis about peaceful efforts to end Colombia's conflict and the United States' increasing military involvement.
  • Colombia Report is published by the Information Network of the Americas (INOTA), a non-profit organization that provides history and analysis of Latin American political, social and economic issues and U.S. foreign policy in the region
  • Amnesty International, Colombia
  • The Colombia Human Rights Network formed in October 1990 as a way of pooling the efforts of several volunteer organizations working for peace and justice in Colombia in several cities in the United States. The Network's activities are directed at defending and promoting human rights in Colombia through coalition building between organizations in the United States and in Colombia. 
  • The Colombia Hosting Project designs and/or hosts websites for Colombian and Colombia-related groups, projects and organizations. Our special focus is on civil society, non-profit organizations, NGO's, cultural topics and groups working to end or alleviate the Colombian Conflict.
  • Colombia Action Network An Activist Network Supporting Progressive Forces in Colombia 
    Colombia Activist Links (Activism, News, Human Rights)
  • INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Colombia (Version 2, February 2001) 
  • Le pétrole en Colombie :
    • Oil Rigged. There’s something slippery about the U.S. drug war in Colombia, by Thad Dunning and Leslie Wirpsa, February 2001
      The public face of U.S. policy toward Colombia has long been the war on drugs. But that’s just part of the agenda. Plan Colombia is also about oil.
    • The Real Reason for US Aid to Colombia, by Michael T. Klare, April 7, 2000 
      The Clinton administration is pitching its proposed $1.6 billion gift to the Colombian military as a way to stem the flow of cocaine to the US; but it's got just as much to do with ensuring that another Colombian export -- oil -- keeps coming.
    • Colombia, Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government, Energy Information Administration, March 2001 
      Colombia is a major exporter of petroleum and coal and was the seventh largest source of U.S. oil imports in 2000.


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